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i may have has a brain wave for my orchid primrose bash....

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I can't figure out head or tail of the instructions. My neighbour is a carpenter. I shall take the kits and apprentice myself to him for the duration of the building. That way if I ever buy the Real Good victorian house I covet, I will have had instruction from some who knows of what they speak.

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I am currently working on my version of an Orchid-Primrose bash!!!  I wish you luck with yours!!  


I had a similar idea....I enlisted the assistance of my father-in-law, wood worked extraordinaire (and former model train guy), to help make the changes.  


I moved the stairs.  Made the original bay window into french doors.  Moved the bay window to the front of the Primrose.  I'm not using ANY of the Primrose windows or doors.  


The upside is, since I didn't use many of the original Primrose parts, I still have that kit to put together - it wants to be the Three Little Bears home (with Goldilocks asleep upstairs, naturally...)


I'll be interested to see what you do with your bash.  Always fun to compare notes on the same house!!    

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