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The Willow, first build

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Hi! I just got my Willow dollhouse kit in the mail yesterday. I spent the entire night punching everything out, labeling and organizing them into baggies. I want to sand everything today and hopefully this weekend do a dry fit of the main structure!


here's the progress so far:



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That is a lot of pieces and it never ceases to impress me just how good you all are at putting them together. The kits over here have no where near as many parts...........which is good for me because I don't have that many fingers!!!

The very best of luck......although you almost certainly won't need it! 

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Mike, you can never have too many clamps and painters'/ masking tape is a BIG help, too.

I use them both Holly but I was referring to the number of parts in the kits you have........it makes the builds you all do that much more impressive..........with most of our kits the house is up and running in a day!

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Did a dry fit last night! Also started mapping out where i want to put the ladder to the attic and the spiral staircase on the first floor. I have to fill the gap and cut out a circle on the 2nd floor. I liked seeing it kinda put together! Its so big! :’)




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rbytsdy, I found your blog a month ago and read the entire thing. It was a big inspiration to me in my planning stages! I want to put skylights and stone siding on my Willow. :D Thank you!


Aw shucks! :prop:  Well it looks like you are off to a great start with your bash-in of spiral stairs-- I was never brave enough to try those!

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The Willow was the 2nd house I built and I greatly enjoyed this one.  I made it for animal rescue fundraiser and it brought in $600.  I am going to try to load some pictures.  I should note that the hardwood floors are actual popsicle sticks.  I am getting ready to begin the Lily for a Ronald McDonald House.  It scares me a bit.post-61965-0-56752800-1426010439_thumb.jpost-61965-0-78715400-1426010473_thumb.jpost-61965-0-47556800-1426010509_thumb.jpost-61965-0-21047400-1426010530_thumb.jpost-61965-0-97696300-1426010563_thumb.jpost-61965-0-05575600-1426010590_thumb.j


Good Luck




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