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A New Swap - 1/24 (or 1/2") scale


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It's time for another swap. This time it will be a smaller scale - 1/24 or 1/2"

Sign up time is now until next Sunday, February 8. That gives everyone a week to see this and make up their mind. Items will be due to me by March 8.

I don't have a theme in mind, if you wish to suggest one, please do so. I only stipulate that it NOT be holiday themed.

Items should have a VALUE of $5-10 dollars.

All items should be wrapped individually - they are gifts you are giving, presentation means a lot.

Making one for me is not required - it is an option. I do this for fun.

Shipping is actual cost.

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Not that I am participating this time BUT rather because I've never done it, I'm a little unclear on how exactly a swap works and maybe someone else is to so I gonna be the dumb bunny and ask the questions I know I've always wondered about.


Here is what I think a swap is - if, say 10 people join, then each of the 10 people make or buy (??) an item for each of the people who join the group - yes?


Not clear on these parts >

  • So, in this sample case, say I made a crocheted blanket, I would need to make 10 of them but would they need to all be the same color or could they all just be the same size and style to be considered equal?
  • Do you spend the $5-10 per gift
  • OR do you buy your supplies at $5-10 total cost
  • OR do you go with what the retail price of the item would or could be valued at, in this case the $5-10???
  • Each person knows all the people in the swap and communicate with one another - yes?
  • Or does only the moderator know the names and addresses of the participants?
  • Each person mails all the items they make or buy to the moderator - in this case, Deana?
  • The moderator mails out all the swap gifts to each of the participants only after receiving them from all the participants?
  • Are they insured or anything like that?
  • When you receive the swap gifts, do you know who made/purchased which item or is it secret?

Sorry to sound so dumb but it's just not something I've ever done before but always thought it sounded like fun.

Thanks for answering for future swaps.

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Selkie - here are answers. They are very good questions!


If 10 people sign up, you would make 9 items (you don't make one for yourself) unless you want to gift one to the hub (that's me in this case)


You can spend any amount you want to make it, but the VALUE of your item should be $5-10. Look at your finished product - would YOU pay that amount for it if you saw it somewhere?


You will know each person, because they post in the thread and are named at the end of the sign up time for verification. You can only talk to the other people privately (preferably not) because the items are SECRET!!!! No one knows what anyone else is making. I get to see the items first and anyone can post 'teasers'. ;) Only I will have addresses unless you give your address to someone privately.


When you mail them to me, insurance is usually included standard from the shipper.


All items are mailed to me. When they all arrive, I rebox them and send them out asap. Once you get your box, you may post you got it, but until EVERYONE posts they received theirs, you can't say anything about what you got. That would spoil the surprise and not be fair. You will know who made what.


The items should be the same, but they don't have to be identical. For instance - the recent swap someone made coffee cakes. Each one was a different flavor and she wrote a story to go with each one saying what it was and a story about it. So you could make blankets and one could be red, one purple, one blue, etc, or they could all be blue.


If someone for some reason signs up and is unable to finish, I will return your extra item to you unless you tell me otherwise. (I don't sell them, I like to surprise people with random gifts and will use it for that - and give credit to who made it)


You should package each item as if you were giving it to someone yourself - don't just send me a bunch of stuff for me to sort out and decide who gets what. This means - say - 9 ziplock bags, or 9 little boxes with the item in it, or 9 bundles (fold your 'blanket' and tie it with a ribbon).


Are you sure you don't want to play this time? It's fun!

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Deanna, I would love to play. How soon would we need to be done to send them in?


Gail   :bear:



Yes, what is the timeline?


The first post says items are due by March 8 --- a month from the sign-up deadline.

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Is it possible for us to see the previous swaps that were sent out?   That would be fun to see what others have created.   Someday I would like to participate but just cannot do it now.

If you go to the main Gallery page, when you are in full GL version (not mobile), on the far right is a list under the category Mini Swaps. It has the pictures of older swaps. Here is a link to the opening of the folder.

There was a lo-o-o-o-o-ong period where the swaps were on hiatus so you won't find much after these. The most recent one that Deana hosted does not have pictures up yet.

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