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1:12 Scale Riker Mounts


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Hi everyone! :)

I got back into making tiny riker mounts for an upcoming non-miniatures show. Basically I agreed to take over a table at a reptile expo for someone who found out they can't make it, and part of the deal is that I can bring some of my "relevant" miniatures with me. This should be a nice adventure. :)

Anyway, the show isn't for a few months, so the first batch or two of my new riker mounts are being posted for sale online. While I do plan on posting individual and small sets of these tiny riker mounts - Here is one large set including all of the insects I currently have available in miniature. Up for auction on eBay; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-Riker-Mount-Butterfly-Displays-Large-Artist-Made-Set-/281574544402

What do you think?

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Thanks guys. :)

Holly, all the insects/arachnids start off as photographs of the real things, but yes I made every part of these.

My brother is the source of these bugs, he has a whole Facebook page of entomology work if you'd like to see some of it; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nathan-Lefort/667222623368680

The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula in the set I posted is actually a tiny replica of one of his "late" pets. That giant spider will never be forgotten. XD

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Yeah, having a brother who is really into entomology has really brought some of the weird stuff from Harry Potter home. (Which is odd, since he never got into the books or the movies).

In the Goblet of Fire movie, that scene where the kids are taught about the Unforgivable curses, I thought those weird spider things were made up CGI creatures - Nope, those creepy things are real. We had a couple walking around here once. Tail-less whip scorpions, perfectly harmless to humans, but they sure don't look it. XD

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