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A half scale chaise this time!


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I found this woman's tuts, i don't know how i could have not known! But then we find things when we are ready for them right?


And I know someone else in the group did the same thing, a half scale piece of furniture inspired by this woman, but cant find it again!!!


So it inspired me to try some half scale furniture for the advent calendar, and I made this chaise! I messed up and got paint and then eurathane on fabric but oh well! I will cover that with stuff  :bigwink: 


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Thanks!!! that is silk fabric I had from my dollmaking days, love it! I have some dark green somewhere too I think LOL

And thanks Holly, I think I need thinner trim next time? 



Try crewel thread Julie.  It looks like braided trim on mini furniture.  You could do rope fringe with it too.  The best way to apply it is to cut a piece of crewel thread the length you need, then put a drop of tacky glue on your index finger......smear it around with your thumb and then pinch your finger and thumb together over the thread and gently slide the thread thru the glue.  It takes a little practice and you'll do a lot of cussing at first but once you get the hang of it, you can drape the glued thread over your hand, quickly wipe the glue off your fingers onto a rag, then lay the thread down where you want it to go and gently press down with your clean finger.  You have to work quickly because the glue dries fast, but it's the cleanest way I know to get perfect braided trim on mini upholstery.   


I'm not sure I explained that right, but I know that if you see a picture you'll figure it out in a second. Hang on and lemme see if I can find a close up of the trim. 


Found one!  This is 1:12 so it would look even better in 1:24.  I buy the variety packs at Hobby Lobby and Michaels so I have lots of colors in my stash and pick up individual skeins when I need a specific color to match fabric.   <attaching pic>  <blinking at the size>  Sorry 'bout that but at least you can see the braided trim.  



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thanks Holly, and Deb, thanks. I did that with cording for the top of the "wood" on top of layers of cardstock on the back piece....and yes always cursing and frustration where glue on fingers is concerned!!!! Found yesterday that if my fingers are cleaned off and a bit wet things dont stick too bad. I didnt have matching thread or cord for the fabric part....but crewel yarn is a good choice, hadnt thought about that! 

In terms of me saying trim was too big, I meant the faux wood carved look, working with ideas to create a wood carved look. Going to town today (an hour away) and will look for paper doilies, heck Valentine's decorations should be out so there should be a selection of heart ones maybe? Dollar tree I hope!!! 

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Selkie, since my thumbs began to fail me i could not do lots of sculpting anymore! thumbs just spasm and fingers dont hold tight to things anymore....i am really learning how I can use tweezers and a bit of wobbly thumbs can be ok! The strength and control over thumbs and forefinger just not there like they were! Hate that!!!!! 

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