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Made a fireplace with a fossil in it!

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I don't go down in the arroyo any more after being stalked by a pack of wild dogs and the rattlesnake encounter........I stay up on the road.

(seeing stars, getting light headed, falling down and passing out)

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The fireplace is great!

Used to live in NM, and was frequently followed by three coyotes when I walked. I always felt like they were looking at me like a christmas ham. Then one day they weren't there. A few months later a mother skunk and her babies were a long way off, but close enough to see. Just FYI, they didn't smell bad, and were adorable, walked along with me for a few weeks.

There was alway some animals, like a group,of wild turkeys. And yes, I did see a rattlesnake or two. The only animal or, rather, bird that stopped me from walking one day was a Kite. This is a vicious bird, who had her nest along the path and after being attacked once, I stayed well off that section of the path.

And a horse! A horse ran by me on the path once.

I'm from out in the country in south Texas, so I never thought I should be scared of any of this, just aware, and careful. I only ever felt the need to pull out my cell and call 911, a woman would walk her dogs and they would run lose and once tried to attack me. I was beyond angry, she kept saying "they are so strong I have trouble holding their leashes". She kept bringing them too! Until I told her if she was on the path with her dogs I would just call 911, not wait to be attacked, after that, much like the coyotes, she stopped coming to the path.

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