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Since the kitchen and coffee/book shop is moving downstairs, I now have a flooring dilemma.

If I put the green mosaic floor in the kitchen area - where does it stop in relation to the front door?

The kitchen side of the front door does not line up with the staircase to make a proper delineation between the foyer floor and the kitchen floor.

The living room partial wall to the right of the front door, also does not line up with any part of the staircase section.

All in all, there is a very awkwardly shaped area that is just giving my OCD nightmares!

Can anyone who has built a Magnolia, please give me some suggestions?

How do I join to different floor types together? Do I put a little bit of wood trim to indicate the join or do I just glue them to touch really well and hope there are no gaps showing?

I really like the mosaic floor for the kitchen and have no idea how to accomplish this without it looking very asymmetrical and weird.


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I just made an imaginary line and cut the "flooring" to fit. But I am not detail orientated sometimes. Maybe some kind of transition like a little rug. I did that in the upstairs of my Westville. Made it with a little bit of material from the carpet in both rooms.

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Ive just had to google Magnolia DH to try and vision the floor. Its a lovely building, couldnt get a pic of the inside though. A rug over the join sounds like a good idea if there is no door or arch way to work to.

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I used the GL vinyl self-adhesive tiles for the kitchen and the "wood" flooring for the livingroom; here is what it looked like after I laid the kitchen floor and before I glued in the stairs (note the pencil line where I traced around them in dry fit) and laid the livingroom floor:


and after everything was in:


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Okay, thank you very much for the advice and pictures!

The mosaic floor's pattern is very strong, but I don't want it in front of the front door (the public walk space to the shop part in the living room area).

I think I need to extend the living room floor (wood parquet-looking) into the foyer area and then draw a line from the stairs to the front wall.

However far to the left of the front door this line ends up, is going to be where I need to put a kitchen cupboard or little shelf or something.

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