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Magnolia Stairs: Glue in position or not?

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I'm at the point where Maggie needs the bottom floor covered. It is going to be too intense to cut out around the stair section, so I'm thinking of just covering the whole floor, then cutting out the slots and then sliding the whole stair unit into position.

It seems to be wedged pretty tightly in between the two floors.

Is there any reason to glue it down?

Or am I going to mess up the stair rails and banisters that way?

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I dry fit the stairs and traced around the bottom edge of the stairs and laid the floor. Then I decorated the interior downstairs walls, glued in the stairs and after I laid the second floor I installed it. No problemo with the stair rails.

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Holly, thank you. I also just laid out the floor papers and they are WAY too small for the huge floor space, so I'm going to have to rethink the entire design.

I'll put photos in my gallery of the proposed paper for the downstairs area. It is a sea-green and burgundy stripe. Still deciding on whether to do the entire downstairs the same paper or not - it is going to be a coffee shop, book shop & craft shop all in one.

The other picture in my gallery is mixed green mosaics for the top floor, left room. It is a scrapbook paper and I'm worried the scale might be too large for the upstairs space. Upstairs is going to be a small apartment, so kitchen and dining to the left, bed & bath to the right.

If the scale is too overwhelming, I could colour copy the paper at a reduced scale and then join it wherever it seems logical, to make sure it fits the entire space.

I'd appreciate some comments about the decor, as this is my first interior (I don't count the Arthur's Christmas theme) and I want it to look balanced and befitting of the intended use of the space.

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I agree with reducing it first, just to see if its a better scale. I think the grout lines kind of mess up the scale. By reducing the paper the grout would appear smaller. I've used sheets of real mosaic tiles for flooring and just grouted them. In hindsight, I'm sorry I didn't remove them from the backing and manually space them so my grout lines were not so wide. Next time I'll do that.

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