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2014 Bishop and 3 Blind Mice Chicago Show


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The big Chcago shows are only a couple of weeks away. Who is going? I will actually be selling this year at the 3BM show, but will sneak away to see the folks at Bishop's.

Who's in?!?!?!

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Sounds like a dream trip but I'm afraid it doesn't fit my current status - boo hoo hoo

Wish you all safe trips and lots of "finds".

Can't wait to see your goodies and treasures afterwards.

Greg, wishing you many sales and lots of contacts.

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Last year with Brae, April and Cyd was a blast! Unfortunately I didn't think about the fact that I would be working my booth alone and would be unable to get away.

:doh: :bangin::dunce:

Great location -- right across from the restroom...LOL


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Who doesn't like coupons? Attached is an admission coupon for anyone attending the 3 Blind Mice Show in Chicago. Hey -- If it saves you $1, why not?

If you go to my All About Miniatures Facebook page and "like" it, there will be a post there in a day or so with a coupon to save you off of a show purchase. It also has a Braxton Payne Fireplace discount for a pre-order. ANYONE can use that coupon this month and save.


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One more "goodie" for those going to Chicago -- and even for those who are not going. The attached coupon is from the latest edition of MINIATURE COLLECTOR. Feel free to use it if you are coming to the show.

For those who are not, you can send me a PM if there is a Braxton Payne fireplace that catches your eye. I will honor the coupon through April 30. Please note that it takes 3-4 weeks on the fireplaces as they are made to order and signed/dated.



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It was GREAT seeing GL folks at the show. Thank you for stopping by Brae, April and Annie. Since I was locked in a room I have to live vicariously through all of you (at the show and after...lol). Be sure to post some of your finds. I saw some awesome items while people were setting up.

It was a wonderful show for me and "the business." I am looking forward to attending one as a buyer. I miss being on "that" side of the table.

I did pick up some really cool items at the wholesale show and may keep some of them for myself. I will post some pictures next week of some of the things I picked up from Karen Aird, Reutter Porzellan, Nancy Froseth, Dragonfly Miniatures and Small Scale Living.

Here is a peek:

Check out this little guy from Karen Aird. I kept telling Grandpa -- No making toast in the tub !! (it is tough to see the water at this angle, but it is there.


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Karen Aird is my idol, Greg. She lives in my vacinty and runs two annual dollhouse/miniature shows a year. I was just at her spring show last week.

I am glad you had such a good and prosperous time in Chicago, and I really hope I will evenutally get to meet some of you at one of these events. There are so many wonderful and interesting people in this business and hobby. - Thanks Greenleaf for connecting us all.

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