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Miniature Madness - Win a Free Haunted Dollhouses Today, October 6th

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Win a FREE Greenleaf Haunted Dollhouse just by posting a message in this thread… it's that simple! This thread will be unlocked at Midnight for 24 hours. You can post whatever you like, but please post only once in today's thread. A winner will be picked at random and will be listed here the following day by noon, after which you will have Seven (7) days to claim your free dollhouse.

Have fun and good luck!


Congratulations English Rose! You are the winner of a Greenleaf Haunted Dollhouse from the October 6th contest thread! Please send me your shipping information using the Personal Messaging System with the phrase "I'm a winner" in the subject line.

I hope you enjoy your Haunted Dollhouse and welcome to the forum!

Good luck tomorrow to everyone else!



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I found a translation:


The spider Sebastian

This is the spider Sebastian

It did not turn out well for him


He said to all the other spiders:

I don't know what is wrong with me

But I feel such an urge inside

To weave a web

Said all other spiders:

Oh Sebastian! Come on Sebastian!

Please Sebastian! Just leave it!

Would you want to start a web

In that horrible cold?

Said Sebastian to the spiders:

The web does not have to be big

It does not have to be outside, it can also be inside

Somewhere behind a curtain

Said all the other spiders:

Oh Sebastian! No Sebastian!

Please, Sebastian! Control yourself!

It is so dangerous inside

So dangerous for a spider

Said Sebastian to the spiders:

No, the urge is too strong for me

Through the window, he climbed inside

Independent and not afraid

Said all other spiders:

Watch him going with his urge

After a little while the following message was passed...

Inside, a murder was being committed!

Sebastiaan has been swept up.

Poem by Annie M.G. Schmidt

Translated by Unknown

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Mornin' All... Happy October 6th. Actually Happy Friday, and that means Karen dosen't have to go to work tomorrow... Whoo - Hooo!!!! I can get some more work done on that happy little dollhouse I am attempting to bring to life.... Congrats... to the newest winners..

Good Luck and have a great Day


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This next link IS a Halloween Advent calendar - something to help count the days!! But be forewarned, these guys are artists (I think) - and some go for shock value and some are just plain doofy!!


Not for the faint of heart!

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