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Miniature Madness - Win a Free Haunted Dollhouses Today, October 5th

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Win a FREE Greenleaf Haunted Dollhouse just by posting a message in this thread… it's that simple! This thread will be unlocked at Midnight for 24 hours. You can post whatever you like, but please post only once in today's thread. A winner will be picked at random and will be listed here the following day by noon, after which you will have Seven (7) days to claim your free dollhouse.

Have fun and good luck!


Congratulations SuzyQ! You are the winner of a Greenleaf Haunted Dollhouse from the October 5th contest thread! Please send me your shipping information using the Email System with the phrase "I'm a winner" in the subject line.

I hope you enjoy your Haunted Dollhouse!

Good luck tomorrow to everyone else!



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Because it doesn't really matter what I write here. A dutch poem about a spider:


Dit is de spin Sebastiaan.

Het is niet goed met hem gegaan.


Hij zei tot alle andr’e spinnen:

Vreemd, ik weet niet wat ik heb,

maar ik krijg zo’n drang van binnen

tot het weven van een web.

Zeiden alle and’re spinnen:

O, Sebastiaan, nee, Sebastiaan,

kom, Sebastiaan, laat dat nou,

wou je aan een web beginnen

in die vreselijke kou?

Zei Sebastiaan tot de spinnen:

‘t Web hoeft niet zo groot te zijn,

‘t hoeft niet buiten, ‘t kan ook binnen

ergens achter een gordijn.

Zeiden alle and’re spinnen:

O, Sebastiaan, nee Sebastiaan,

toe Sebastiaan, toom je in!

Het is zo gevaarlijk binnen,

zo gevaarlijk voor een spin.

Zei Sebastiaan eigenzinnig:

Nee, de Drang is mij te groot

Zeiden alle and’ren innig:

Sebastiaan, dit wordt je dood…

O, o, o, Sebastiaan!

Het is niet goed met hem gegaan.

Door het raam klom hij naar binnen.

Eigenzinnig! En niet bang.

Zeiden alle and’re spinnen:

Kijk, daar gaat hij met zijn Drang!

Na een poosje werd toen zoëven

dit berichtje doorgegeven:

Binnen is een moord gepleegd.

De spin Sebastiaan

Sebastiaan is opgeveegd.

Poem by Annie M.G. Schmidt

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WOW! Did you see the thread for Oct. 4th??? It hit 100 posts!

Good luck to everyone today! I'm crossing my fingers! The last time I won something, I was in the 3rd grade and it was a mouse. I named it Brownie, but unfortunately the next door neighbor's cat ate him.

Hopefully no one's Haunted House gets eaten by a cat! lol okay that was silly... :teehee:

:roflmao :roflmao :roflmao :roflmao

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Ha! That's not so silly Brenda! I know my cat, Skittles, likes to try to eat dollhouses :wub: ! If there's a corner or a post or a nice chewy-looking bit (to his mind, anyway) he'll gnaw away on it. I've never let him do it long enough to ingest anything, but you never know with him! :) :lol:

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wow 100 posts yesterday? it just gets bigger and bigger everyday. hopfully i will win one soon!! i would LOVE to build this house..

-Jenny :cool: :cool:

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Well today the 5th (earth, wind, water, fire and spririt) as in the Pentagram :hide: might be the lucky day huh?!? Atleast for someone!!!! We got talking about the mini realm yesterday her at school and I kind of mentioned the possibility of making a "mystery" house to my collegues and htelady that shares her time between the school library and teaching just sort of bounced and actually almost started using those puppy eyes on me ;) so we'll see, I will mull over it a little more, to see what I might be able to get together as "clues" to the stories then...


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