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Ingalls family in half scale


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I never put dolls in my dollhouses, but after finishing my half scale Little House in the Big Woods cabin, it seemed strangely vacant without the Ingalls family hanging around inside. I looked around but pickings are slim in half scale and couldn't find dolls that looked close enough to how Laura, Mary, Pa, and Ma are described in the books. Then I found Prairie Crocus Studio on Etsy, with patterns for dolls and pioneer-style doll clothing. Two problems: 1) they were all 1:12 scale, and 2) I don't sew. (Not well, anyway.)

I contacted the shop owner and asked if she could do a custom order to make me the Ingalls family in half scale. And she said yes! (She's since added half scale dolls and doll patterns to the store, I'm assuming based on the ones she made me, so maybe some of you who do half scale and sew will want to take advantage of that.)

I haven't received the dolls yet, but they should go in the mail tomorrow. Meanwhile here are a few pictures of the dolls she made for me, with a few more on my blog. Pa is 3" tall.

post-7-0-03475600-1381381367_thumb.jpg post-7-0-61156100-1381381364_thumb.jpg

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She does lovely work! I always look at the seams, which can get pretty bulky in 1/2" scale. Her seams are flat and not overly stiff. I get really turned off when men's shirt collars stick out like a windsock in a hurricane!

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After reading this post, I just saw your Little House in the Big Woods cabin for this first time. After putting in all that time and energy to match that little house as close as possible to the book, how could you not get the dolls. I am so happy it worked out for you.

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They're here! These pics are not the best, but here are a few shots of the Ingalls family in their new home. I hadn't anticipated that the dolls don't stand up by themselves, so I had to find things to lean them up against. They have wires in the arms and legs so can be posed (like Pa on the bench) but the girls look better when they're standing up. Maybe a little wax on their feet will help hold them in position.

Also I only realized after standing Mary next to it that the mirror over the washstand is way too low. Oops.

post-7-0-89330000-1382161423_thumb.jpg post-7-0-75083800-1382161421_thumb.jpg post-7-0-89227700-1382161419_thumb.jpg post-7-0-02878800-1382161418_thumb.jpg

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