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Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

Lady Grey

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She is such an elegant lady, a real beauty. How on earth can anyone do what dog racers do to such a sweet, sweet animal I'll never, ever understand. She's so very lucky to have a safe, loving home with your and I know your other girls are just smiling and smiling up in heaven!

Thank you for that. I hope my Bella is happy with Sophie.

The good news is that Greyhound adoption is so visual now that almost all dogs that retire are transitioned into foster homes, adoption group kennels that bring them to foster homes, or adopted right into homes. We are everywhere and people are continually responding all the time.

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Yeah,and it's that beautiful,natural love of running they have that some moron decided long,long ago he was going to use to make him wealthy! So sad!

That is why I will never be without a Greyhound - or two, or three.............

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