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Interesting Miniature Article on Houzz.com


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Thanks for the link! Apart from coveting Colleen Moore's dollhouse for many years now (!), I also like the converted bedside table dollhouse.

About 2 years ago I saw a 2nd hand dollhouse for sale:


It was custom-made in Hong Kong; then travelled back to Australia and after they moved to Dubai, their little girl didn't want it anymore. It is play scale, but I love using it to store my quilts in.

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I got to see the Fairy Castle many years ago and I think it's what fueled my interest in dollhouses. It is the most incredible, beautiful, amazing thing to see in person and know that you can actually read the books in it and see the incredible skills of the people that built it. It is really a fantasy in miniature and worth the trip to Chicago just to see it.

Thanks for posting and reminding me.

Lu Ann

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I just posted a link in a separate thread that Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle is highlighted on Yahoo.News this morning with ten more photos. The accompanying blurb says the fairy castle will be undergoing conservation toward the end of 2013 and many objects not readily seen will be on display. Visitors will also be able to interact with the conservators to learn how something like this is conserved. What an opportunity!

Thanks for the alert, Jeff. I also clicked on the Decorating with Dollhouses link and found some interesting ideas.

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