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Need help with carpentry/ math question


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I have decided to put wainscoting on two walls of my Garfield kitchen. I can not figure out how many wood strips I need though. Can anyone help me? I want to use wood strips that are 3/16" H x 3/8" D x 24" long. I plan to line 3 inch sections along 25 inches of wall vertically. I know I can get 8 sections from one strip. But I do not know how many wood strips I will need to cover the 25 inches. I can't progress on my kitchen till I buy the strips, so any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm confused. 3/16" H (high?), 3/8" D (deep?) and 24 " long (I got that last one). Basically you only need to know how wide the strips are and how long. The thickness does not matter in this case. If I am following you correctly you want the wainscoting to be three inches high. That's eight pieces per strip which you already know. And further you want to cover 25 inches of wall horizontally, i.e. around two walls. So, you need to know the width of the strip, which I am guessing is 3'8". There are eight eights in an inch so multiply 25 x 8 and that is 200 eights, now divide by three as the strips are 3/8" and you got it! You would need 67 pieces of coting. Eight per 24" strip will produce 64 pieces if you have eight strips so you need nine. I trust you are totally confused by now which means I have done my job!

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Thank you Doc! After batting the numbers all around, and consulting with a friend of mine, I also came to the same conclusion. Word problems and fractions and measurements were never my strong suit! :bigwink:

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Hi Ginger,

I have just done ?wainscotting? one one of my walls in the 'Orchid'

I used paddle pop sticks, you can get the clean in packs.

I got my partner to cut them to length after having laid them out ant counting how many I needed plus a few extras.

I painted them then glued in place, topping the off with astrip of Balsa for the top rail and the skirting.

I am pleased with the result.

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