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Hello from Houston

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Hey everyone,

My name is Sarah and I live in Houston, TX. I fell in love with dollhouses because of my grandmother used to build them when I was little. After she passed away, my aunt and I finished a dollhouse she had left halfway done. After that, my dad and I built a dollhouse together during high school. Right now I'm taking a year off from school and decided to build a house while I have some free time. For now I'll use it for decor and displaying minis and hopefully later I can pass it on to my children. I want to build something that will last and take my time. I've purchased the Beacon Hill kit and can't wait for it to arrive! Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. Look forward to taking this journey with all of you!

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There is a special topic called Beacon Hill Builders: Next Generation that focuses on this build.

I believe there was a previous one that did also.

Click on the above links to get you started.

If you type Beacon Hill in the search button it will bring up several other topics where people addressed specific concerns.

Good luck. It's a beautiful house.

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Welcome to the little family, Sarah. Starting with the Beacon Hill, huh? You are embarking on a hobby that you can spend a lifetime playing with. Keep the BH for yourself and build other houses for your future daughters and daughters-in-law and grandchildren...

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Welcome to the forum!

Not sure if you have been there yet, but there is an amazing dollhouse shop in Spring, TX. It was well worth the trip when we visited the In-laws in Sugarland last winter.

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Hi; Sarah! I was reading your post and I have the Beacon Hill kit still in the box, too. I am waiting until I get better at assembling before I attempt it. I am practicing on the Orchid dollhouse kit. This is such an awesome site! Look forward to seeing photos of your journey with the assembly of the Beacon Hill!


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