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Can Battery Operated Light Strands Be Converted to 12V System?

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Okay, so I posted elsewhere that my son is building an amusement park model. They want street lights in their model. I have a few packs of the battery operated light strands, but I would love for everything to be hard wired in and hooked to the power strip and transformer. Can this be done?

The strands I have, one uses 2 AA batteries, the other 2 C. Both kinds of batteries are 1.5V. So 2 is 3V, guess that's not compatible with 12V? Is there something else I could do/try? I don't really want to pay $25 for the 12V strands available to buy. I have already put way too much $$$ into this project...

I guess an alternative is trying to find some GOW bulbs and wire those up... Hmmm...


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You could try a linear voltage regulator. This acts basically as a voltage divider and automatically changes resistance to maintain a constant voltage output. While the circuit itself is fairly complicated they are commonplace and inexpensive. Radio Shack has one for $2.29 last I checked which will accept an input of up to 40 volts and an output of 1.2V to 37V which is determined by a pair of resistors attached to the regulator. (Part number LM317T). Hope this helps.

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