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Another eager newby

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Hristo Nenchev and I am from Bulgaria.

Father of a 4 years old daughter, I turned to dollhouses just 6 months ago and I was fascinated. Ever since I've been reading sites and looking at ebay listings of furniture.

I almost finished her first dollhouse (a design downloaded at this site http://suttongrace.blogspot.com/2011/01/mod-doll-house-plans.html and customized a little bit). I am waiting for the delivery of the last bits of furniture and I will upload photos here.

Before I found this forum I was extremely keen to start making doll houses as in my country you really cannot find any on the market (the main reason I started building one).

I am still extremely keen but looking at the things you are doing... WOW. I am not sure I could make those beauties... but good I want to try.

I started a fund raising campaign at this site with the general idea to gather enough funds to be able to finish several models of doll houses and start selling them. I would be grateful if someone supports my idea. Even if not I will be happy to read the forum and find ideas and know how, as you've got plenty of that, I am sure.

Wish you all the best and will chat to you soon.

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Welcome to the little family, Hristo! Most of our houses are 1:12 scale or smaller. It is lovely to have someone who works in 1:6 join us. BUYING all the furniture can be expensive, which is why I try to make everything I put into my houses. I think being a shaker and mover to get the miniature hobby started in Eastern Europe is a wonderful plan! and I wish you good luck.

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Welcome to the forum! This hobby can be very expensive even when making your own items from scraps of wood and stuff. I did delete the fund raising link because Greenleaf Company has not approved it. Looking forward to knowing you better :wave:

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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

@ Girl Piper - pictures will follow shortly. At the moment we only have a "wallpapered box" without any furniture.

@ havanaholly - you know the best thing is to enjoy your job. I hope I do manage to turn the hobby into profitable business.

@ dalesq - hello to you as well

@ minis on the edge - it is expensive indeed, especially buying the furniture. I definitely will try to make it by myself but still needed to see how it is done. Would it be a problem to put the fundraising link in my signature?

@ Jo med - I am definitely looking at the gallery tonight... :)

@ KeZZsi - thank you :)

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Welcome to the forum, Hristo!

My daughter just turned 5 and is bugging me to build her a house. I never bothered with the kit houses and just went right to building houses from existing designs or my own ideas. I'm trying to get a business of dollhouse building profitable too, but no luck yet. Don't give up, there may be a market out there for us.

1/6 scale must make for a really large house.

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