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Majestic Mansion Windows


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Without the siding on Morningside Mansion, the interior frame hooks right over the window. When I put a piece of siding under a portion of the window on the exterior, the window on the inside is then about flush with the room wall. My question is are these windows made so that the interior frame hooks over the window or is it glued to the wall around the window? (which is not as good in looks)

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Any windows I've had (not that brand), I've always had to do some adjusting, fiddling and/or fussing around to make them lay correctly.

Not my favorite part of building.

I've not used the angled shape of the siding under a window frame before. I've seen it cut to fit them or filled some on the outside.

If it was me, I'd want the interior to be perfectly flush with the wall, i.e. no gaps or cracks. Just how I'd prefer it.

Not sure I'm any help to you but I'm sure someone here has more experience with this.

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It does help Selkie! I have all the window openings adjusted so the windows fit in. Was ready to start marking siding until I realized the narrow panels on the sides of the house needed attaching. So before I can attach those I need to put in baseboard and crown moulding. The windows fit in with the siding so that the window is flush with the wall. The interior trim will then cover up the space between the window and the wall.

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