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Beacon Hill Cellar Window Question - Picture?


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Fortunately, our consistently advisarial longterm relationship (between my brain and the instruction sheet) is near it's end. Yet again I am just not getting the instructions. They say to glue the "back of the window" behind the place where you should put the window. I dont understand why one would put a back to the window as you cant see through, or if you did, where or how far from the plastic glass you would put it and how it would stay glued. Is it at the back of the sill piece? I'm not understanding why you wouldnt just put the 2 panes there but again, my brain and the instruction sheet have irreconcilable differences.

Does anyone have a picture?

Thank you!

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I just started my Beacon Hill from a mostly complete shell and the basement window is in. If it weren't, it appears I would have prepared the trim, glued the window plastic to the back of the trim, for a complete looking window, then glued that to the opening in the foundation. I am pretty sure this will work. If you can wait there will be better answers from those who have built the kit, no doubt.

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Hello Cynthia,

I build the Beacon Hill last year, there must be a nother part to make a litle space after the window so it looks like there is somting there

i`ll put a picture from my cellar window

I hope it is off any help

bye bye Carin

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