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garfield dollhouse by Greenleaf

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I just bought the Garfield Dollhouse by Greenleaf for a great price $100.00 has anyone ever assembled the Garfield and can anyone give me any tips on constructiong this house andy problems that i should look for any advice you can give will be great

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Hary...there have been a few Garifields built. Try entering Garfield in the search box under both Forums and Gallery at the top of the page. Click where it says "This topic" and you will see a drop down box that will allow you to search y category. By the way...great price!

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The Garfield is a HUGE house make sure when it is completed you can get it in and out of your house or into your display room if building elsewhere

....it will be heavy and awkward to move!

as with any house...read all the directions and warmup sheet a few times.....

dry fit each area before adding any glue

do not install your windows and indoor trims until you have decorated....its just easier

do follow the directions in order....will save you much grief

LABEL>>LABEL>>>LABEL....you think you will remember what each piece is but trust me...you wont

ASK questions....there is always some one in here that can answer in a reasonable time....

dont punch out your pieces until you are ready for them

ENJOY the process and remember it is JUST a hobby and you do not have to HURRY your process


I hope to build this magnificent house myself someday!



PS....do take lots of photos...we enjoy watching your fun and when you are done you will enjoy seeing the process all over again!

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I built the Garfield. It was fun to build. Went up really well with only two set backs. But got answers from the people on here. I have pics in my gallery if you want to see it. Have fun. Oh, make sure where you're building it is where it's staying or where you're moving it to it can fit through the doorways. It's a HUGE house, you're going to love it!!!!

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That was a great price! The Garfield was actually a fun build for me. It is a huge dollhouse but the assembly is pretty straight forward. Its just a step by step process that goes together fairly hassle free. Before you know it, its up and completed. Just work carefully and plan your interior finishing ahead of time since it does have a lot of twists and turns inside with plenty of inaccessible areas. The staircases are the funnest part, in my opinion.

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I have a Garfield in huge disarray because of too many ideas and not enough time but you are welcome to look at my gallery to see how I made it to fit thru doorways. I don't have any updated pics in my gallery. It is really wide and tall and you can't just tilt it to go thru the doorways.

I remember one person from the forum that decided to leave a house behind when she moved because she couldn't get it out of the house and another who sawed one of hers in pieces to get it down the stairs from her workroom to the main level.

Just want you to check out where you build it and where you will want to display it before you have a sad realization.

I also am making mine so the front porch side is removable so I can still access that front corner to change decorations. After it is built, and the stairs are installed, you can't reach into the front door hallway on the 1st and 2nd floors. Mine is being built into part of a huge estate with lots of wings and out buildings, etc.

Good luck - it's a super beautiful house.

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The Garfield is my first dollhouse. I have been working on it for over two years. If you go into my gallery, you will see progress on it. Also, I have a YouTube site where I show updates of my dollhouse. It has come a long way since I first started! I hope to be done with it this year! I did a LOT of upgrading to mine. Here is a link to my last update so far-

Go to my site to see the whole video. It's almost a half hour long!

My dollhouse has been updated since this video but I will have that up soon! Let me know if you need any help with anything!

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Hary...there have been a few Garifields built. Try entering Garfield in the search box under both Forums and Gallery at the top of the page. Click where it says "This topic" and you will see a drop down box that will allow you to search y category. By the way...great price!

Hi! I have started to build the Garfield and I am up to the stage of my dry fit...wow. I am so thrilled, with it, the dry fit has allowed me to do a lot of thinking and planning. I have already made my kitchen curtains and blinds( of a night watching telle) and have started with pelmets in other rooms. It has given me a good idea about the size of the rooms, and about the wall papering (which I havent done before). I have only built one small dollshouse before so this is quite a challenge for me. I figure that when my Garfield ( I call it Lambrook) is completed, I will be ready for any challenge. Hope we can help each other with problems.Di

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Gabby & Dianne! I'm also working on my Garfield which is my first dollhouse! I'm in the process of doing the dry fit now which really helps in figuring out future decorating and for knowing what goes where! I haven't taken any photos quite yet but plan to. I'm so glad that Holly and the other master builders suggested in doing a dry fit first. Right now I'm fitting in all my replacement windows to make sure the openings are correct. This is quite a project and it's nice to know that others are working on it too and taking their time in the building process.

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I find it's easier to wallpaper rooms as I can get to them; I do the interiors of outer walls and the divider walls with approximately 1/4" or less overlap that I can trim off later, once everything is dry. I do the first floor walls before installing the second floor; then I do the second floor rooms the same way. install the third floor, and so on.

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