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So excited and moving forward...


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Just stopping by with an update on my orchid.

I dove in and wallpapered. I was so scared, but just like everything else with this project, I just have to make myself do it and hope I don't screw up (reading all the encouragement to others really helped). I decided to wallpaper before construction. I did the kitchen and the "living" room. I LOVE the way it turned out!

Next, tackling the upstairs! :fear:

One problem, though. I want to post pics, but the site keeps telling me that my phone pics are too big. Not sure why. I will have to get out my good camera and try it that way (I am a photographer too).

Anyway, today is a free day thanks to a FREAK March snowstorm. No school for us. Extra time to stare and decide :ohyeah: !

Happy day all!


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I love the "stare and decide" phase :-)

Me too! It's so fun to make every little discovery. I love playing with the furniture/layout in the dry fit. Then, the same with each new step I complete. I have all kinds of cheap furniture, shapes of wood, little boxes and other stuff I use to figure things out. Pieces of cut fabrics work great to decide on rug, bedding and furniture colors. I also paint little boards and set up like walls to check out room colors. Sigh........time to play with my current project. My spring fling distraction.

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Thanks Holly...Problem is I have no idea how to do that on my phone!

Try emailing them to your email account from your phone. There should be an option for what size to send. Select small.

You are lucky! We got a 2 hour delay when the rest of the area had a snow day. Didn't matter to me because I had a sick day; home with a sore throat.

What grade(s) do you teach?

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Sorry to hear that you are sick. :ermm:

I teach first grade. You?

I live in Maryland where we have all or nothing winters. Yesterday was certainly a surprise, especially considering the weathermen have been wrong all year. Unfortunately, yesterday's surprise made summer break one day shorter!

Oh well. I took some pics of the house with my real camera last night and I plan on trying to upload those tonight. I am so excited at how far my house has come (and that I did it). I am looking forward to spring break next week to finish the rest of it!

Happy day!

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