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I recently got a little book kit from Ann Vanture's Paper Minis site (http://www.paperminis.com/). It's of Hitty: Her First Hundred Years, and I put some pictures in a new album in my gallery. You can subscribe to a book of the month club, and I'm IN. Really great quality paper and imagery. I'm very impressed. I thought you might like to see the purty book. The print inside is SO TINY, but I can read every word. I love wee books!!! :D

I've made some other mini books myself by grabbing book covers off google images, printing them on card stock, and gluing them to little pieces of wood. I'm working on libraries inside of Real Life book boxes. Hopefully, I will finish those one day. :bigwink:

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I just commented on one of the pictures in your gallery. I have a "Hitty" doll my grandfather made for me because as a child I read the book and loved it. These mini books are so cute!

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