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I love October. Halloween is my favourite holiday. I just love the ethereal feeling, the time when everything feels kind of special. They say the veil between the worlds becomes thin at this time of year, and you can communicate with your departed loved ones.

All my close family (apart from my kids and grandkids thank Goodness) have passed over. This time of the year I feel closer to them somehow, like they are still here with me.

I want to put some photographs of my deceased family into photo shop, make them smaller, then frame them and hang them in one of my houses, so I can feel that's where they now 'live'

Odd, I know but then so am I!

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This is such a great idea, My daughters birthday is coming up real soon and this would be a great project for us to do together with grandma too!

ooh 31 chanches this is great!,

Oh and I wasnt expecting the music, I almost fell off my chair! Definatly adds to the ambiance!


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