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Making plates -- help!


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Guest Happy Heart

Does anybody make nice plates? I've tried many different techniques, but mine always turn out wobby. Any tips on getting a decent look?

Lu Ann

They aren't as delicate as some, but I fill in the holes on really thin buttons and paint or decal them.

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If you have one decent purchased mini plate you could roll out your clay real smooth the lay it over the turned over plate. trim, and maybe you could bake it right on that plate to keep it's shape? I made a bunch one time but don't remember a lot.

I would use the color of clay you want your plate to be, I used flesh colored clay and had to paint them and ugh what a chore. be easier to paint a little over the original color. Then you could put dots or flowers around the edge. just some ideas!

When I made mine I painted them sort of an ecru color and stippled paint with a rough sponge around the edge.

they looked like spattered stoneware.

a mini tin pie plate works good too, just bake it right on there.

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Press clay plates =)

Its the simplest way to make a even plate. Roll even piece of clay thin, or using pasta machine. Cut with a small cookie cutter or water boltle cap, use a smaller diameter circular object in the middle to press. The edges will rise slightly and make a really nice plate.

You may still have to sand the edges a little bit if you dont get a clean cut but this is the easiest method < i think> add some nail polish to shine .


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