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new cabin dh coming soon! (to me, I mean)


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Well, I ordered the Shadybrook cabin. I was tired of not having a Little House log cabin (the other was was pretty much wrecked in the move).

I still had all the accessories and the dolls, and MiniKelli is being nice enough to help me out with my Pa INgalls doll. The only family member I don't have yet is Mary.

I am asking what other people's experiences have been with this kit. Is it easy to assemble?

I know that it comes with a piece to make a half loft, but has anyone made a full loft in it? I don't think there will be enough space on the ground floor for all the furniture I already have.

Let me know of you have tips or suggestions for me. :)

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I am so flattered that one of my dh's inspired you! I am reading your blog about constructing the cabin right now! It looks wonderful. I have never heard of the Sugar and Spice log cabin kit before. I love your fireplace! The fireplace in my first cabin was part of the kit, but I was lucky enough to find a big stone hearth fireplace for 99 cents at the local Goodwill. It's been waiting to go inside a cabin ever since.

Have you read any of the sequels/prequels to the Little House books? (The Rose years, the Caroline Years, etc)?

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Thanks! I haven't updated the index page with all the links, but you can get to a list of all the blog posts here. I just went back to it this week after a hiatus and am working on the finishing interior touches. :)

I think I read one of those sequels when I was youngish, when they were first publishing them. It might have been one of the Rose books. But I have read all of the original Little House series about a million times.

I've looked and haven't been able to find any info about that cabin kit (I bought it off eBay). Apparently the brand name was Sugar and Spice, because there was another kit by that name on eBay not long ago, also half scale. I'd love to know more about them but I'm guessing it was a mom & pop type company around in the 80s, so not likely to have an internet presence.

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