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Base of dollhouse (already built Newberg)


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I am new here, and I posted a few questions under the New Member Introductions forum, so I don't know if I am posting in the correct place or not, but I have a question concerning the base of my already built Newberg, which I am about to "rehab" very shortly. I am wondering what to do about the base of the house--It is just the standard basement type base that comes with the Newberg, but I see some photos and recommendations that the base should be reinforced to make it stronger--what do you recommend for that, and how do you build around the base, like if you want to add grass, shrubs, etc. - -what do you use as a base for the surrounding area around the dollhouse? I would like to alter the base to my taste and add some sort of "yard" around the immediate area. Thanks.

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If the foundation is in good shape but you just want to reinforce it, you can glue blocks or pieces of wood to the underside - something for the foundation pieces to "grab onto" since the joints where one piece is glued to another piece usually doesn't have a lot of surface area and therefore might not be too sturdy. If you're not planning to move it around a lot or if it will be played with by a child that's probably a good idea, but if the foundation seems okay to you to begin with and you're mainly planning to use the house for display, you might not need to do anything.

As far as a base for landscaping, I get a piece of plywood that's a bit larger than the house footprint (to allow for yard space) and cover it with fake grass, which you can get at Miniatures.com, a train supply shop or hobby shop, etc. Lemax (the company that does Christmas villages) also makes fake grass -- if you have a Michaels around, check the village display, especially right after the holidays when the stuff gets marked down! The grass I used for my Fairfield, I got at Michaels for 70% off after Christmas.

After putting on the grass I add wood trim around the sides of the base. Here are some posts on my blog that might give you ideas... these are half scale houses but the process is exactly the same for a 1:12 house like the Newberg.



Puzzle house:

http://www.emilymorg...om/blog/?p=2074 (scroll down to the bottom of the post)


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