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From Bratz to Waldorf: My Dollhouse Family


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Quite ironic. I started out, intending do a makeover on mini Bratz dolls for my dollhouse. But, this past Tuesday, I ended up making a whole family of Waldorf inspired dolls. The funny part about that is how opposite Bratz and Waldorf are.

Check out my album of the little family! It's my first time doing this sort of thing. They don't have bodies yet, but their heads are completed.

Bratz: 18.jpg

Waldorf: WaldorfDolls_smallGirls.jpg

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I went to various Waldorf Schools from age 6-18 and love the dolls. I have one made by LittleBlossomDolls (she's named after Elicia who was a good mini friend from Greenleaf) and am slowly trying to find the time to make my own one for Natasha.


I'm glad you found Waldorf dolls Toni, you've done a good job!

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These waldolf dolls are very cute I have not seen them before, I think I would like to make one at sometime, the trouble is I have no grand children so I must hope that there will be a little girl here in my little village that would like one.

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