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What do you collect other than miniatures?

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Oh, Joel, you are on a slippery slope!  My hubs is also a collector, and yesterday we were in Ft Walton Beach for their coin club's Fall Coin Show.  When one signs in at the table they give out a commemorative coin (usually quarters) while the supply lasts, and this time was the San Francisco mint's quarters featuring pieces of eight on the reverse.

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I am 55. If I only did what mainstream society felt was "age appropriate," I woudn't have two dollhouses, nor would I be communicating with their occupants. I wouldn't be going to rock concert

Right now my garage collects empty boxes.

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I don't really collect much at the moment because there isn't a lot of room to keep things where I live now, but I have a few sci-fi and fantasy figures, lego (because it's easy to store it when I can't display it), rocks and minerals and fantasy ornaments. Now, I mainly focus on my cross stitch and other stitchy crafts because it's easier for me to have them aroud without them getting stepped on or broken. I don't like having to shut things away but I am trying to find ways of sorting it out so I don't have to.

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For the last couple of years I've been collecting old Coleman lanterns, the ones that use liquid fuel not propane. I guess I have about 30 so far. Most of the ones I have are from the 60's and 70's, with the oldest being from the late 40's. I enjoy the "hunt" in finding them and getting them to work again.




Lantern Shelves.jpg

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I collect patent medicine and antique medicine bottles. They look pretty sitting in the window, and since I love medical history, I find the labels are a fascinating read. One old cold medicine bottle I have advertises a mixture of alcohol, morphine, and chloroform: the ol' triple-whammy! :eek: I just look at them all shining in the sun and get all sentimental about the wonders of modern medicine.

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