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So I finally picked up the Duracraft Columbian I posted about this weekend. It was quite the drive (30 minutes each way) and in a slightly sketchy neighborhood, but I took my husband and now we have a fun story about how I made him drive way out to pick up a dollhouse. I'm sure you all have tons of similar stories!

Attached are the pictures - it's in great condition. Pardon the quality of the pics, I took them out on my porch as the house airs out a little.

It's completely built, even the trim, but everything's unpainted. I don't know if I want to risk tearing off the trim to repaint. I'm thinking I'll try cereal box siding. Would I put the siding on first, then paint, or paint the cardboard then glue it on? I looked for a tutorial, but the links from previous chats were bad.

Also, I think I may add a primose on for some extra room, and so it looks a little different than my Ponderosa. Comments?



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I've not tried the cereal box siding, but have cut siding from cardstock that was already colored. If you're looking to put siding on, my thought would be paint first then glue -- so as to avoid major warping. If it does warp on you with the paint you would still be able to flatten it out and weigh it down, then glue without too much issue I would think...

Hope someone else is able to be of more help, but I can't wait to see what you do with this!

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