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Hello from WNY


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Hello everyone, greetings from Western New York. I joined a couple days ago and meant to start posting right away, but I kept getting distracted by the gallery photos (so many beautiful houses).

I never quite figured out what it is about dollhouses, but I've been semi-obsessed with them since I was 4. Kind of got away from it in highschool, but then in college I took up making clay miniatures as a way to take a break from all the work and dealines. My family noticed and that led to a surprise dollhouse kit for Christmas(A Snow Country Chalet-Realgoodtoys).

Not long after that I aquired another dollhouse that someone had thrown away.

The inside was pretty messed up and a few minor parts were broken/missing, but after building a dollhouse I liked the idea of renovating one(and it was a big pretty dollhouse, how could I turn it down?). I could tell that it was a kit, so I tried to track down the model. As it turns out, it's a discontinued Greenleaf 1/12 scale Van Buren. And that's how I found this forum.

I'm trying to keep this a short "hello", so if you want more info/photos, I've been blogging all about it; http://kyle-lefort.blogspot.com/

I look forward to talking dollhouses with all of you(I think I follow some blogs already),


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Hello. ^_^

Thanks for checking out the blog Kelli, I just added yours to my reading list.

Nan-Hi, good to see someone local on here. I'm just a bit north of Buffalo. :)

Thank you Janet. I've been mostly cleaning it and pulling out the old stuff I can't use. It doesn't feel like I've done much with it, but compared to my before photos, it's actually come a long way.

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