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Hello from Indiana


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When I was growing up, my grandmother kept a dollhouse in a walk-in closet in her home. I don't know what model it was or who manufactured it, but to a small girl it seemed massively detailed and fascinating. I don't know now what happened to the dollhouse, although it's been hinted it might be in her attic.

Meanwhile, I've grown up, gone back to school and graduated with an English degree, and gotten a job working in scholarly publishing on the campus of my alma mater. There's not a lot of extra money floating around, but there was enough for me to purchase a 1:12 die cut Willow on sale and start making plans for its construction.

I'm punching out and labeling the pieces now, and saving up for some upgrades on the stairs. I've got a long way to go, but I'm really excited for the journey!

This box of parts is really intimidating, guys. I'm a little lost on where to start, and some of the parts are trying to destroy themselves coming out of the sheets (although I'm quickly getting better about getting them out). My plan is to sand them carefully and then prime everything. This part isn't nearly as much fun as planning what it will eventually look like...

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Welcome to the little family, Jennifer. I used to punch out and label parts with the Dura-Craft kits I built, but after a few Buttercups and Sugarplum Cottages I met some of the larger GL kits and that cured me! Now I arrange the plywood sheets into numerical order so I can find them quickly, and then I read over the instructions several times, going along with the schematics sheets the first couple to locate parts on the sheets, and then I listen to the kit tell me its story about what it wants to become (learned the hard way on the Glencroft build, that it didn't want to be a charming little Miss Marple cottage, it wanted to become a pub, and a pub it is).

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I'm an editor professionally, and have aspirations of writing. Everything I touch has or soon acquires a story, and this house already has one in my head. I just have to get it out!

I may yet regret not keeping everything in the sheets, but my workspace is small and is supposed to be multi-purpose, and I have great hopes for baggies. I am keeping the scrap just in case, but it all has to go into the garage, which is too messy for a regular workspace (it's the husband's cave). I am doing everything on my desk right now, and all the small parts have found their way into the desk drawers. I think I'll organize for now by what the pieces are for, i.e. a baggie for windows, and one for the door, and the stairs, which I still don't think I'm going to use.

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