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My newest scratch build has begun...


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Wicked awesome! I love it. So, not to make your ginormous task any bigger, but you need to research the house, see inside, get some wood off it to have milled for shingles or something and really make the most of the significance of the project. Your house is going to be AMAZING. What if someone special once lived there? What if the house has a hidden room? What a place to explore.

Please, please, please, post lots of photos!

Oh yea, and the photo you posted needs framed and hung in a place of honor. Over a mantle? You can't buy better art. Hey, frame it in wood from the real thing :)

Sorry Wendy.......not trying to tell you what to do or anything but I took one look and am getting overwhelmed with inspiration. :)

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Thank you everyone. You all are so inspiring. No one understands the "miniature mind" like another "miniature mind" :D You guys are all awesome. I am so excited about this project!!!

@Morgan- I LOVE all of your ideas. That is awesome. I have fallen in love with this house. My cousin took some more pictures of it. I am definitely going to see if I can get to see them. :bigwink: Will keep you posted and you also gave me more ideas.... YAY!!!

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I was a big fan of 'If Walls Could Talk' when Grant Goodeve hosted. (I loved him on Eight Is Enough in the 70's and on Northwest Backroads now. Hmmmm....common denominator here?) Anyway, the history and mystery of a house really intrigue me. This is the PERFECT house to take that extra mile. I have a feeling it's going to be a favorite around here :)

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