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Philadelphia Miniaturia Budget ?


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Since I've recently crashed back into minis (what other way can you describe acquiring 2 houses a few weeks apart after a 6 year break from the hobby??) I've been thinking of going to the Philadelphia show. Philly is only a 2 - 2 1/2 hour drive for me, so I could make a day trip of it. Or if I join NAME the local group is making a day trip there starting only 45 minutes from my house and taking a bus.

Anyway, I'm wondering, if I decide to go, would I feel bummed if I didn't have a lot of money? Has anyone gone to that show? Could I go with just $100-200 and feel like I really accomplished something in my purchases? Or are the vendors a bit more high dollar?

As much as I love the idea of just going, reveling in minis, and taking tons of pictures, I'm also on a tight budget and I know I'd be disappointed if I feel like I've been saving all my pennies and leave with next to nothing. Not to mention that I have a 5 year old boy, I can pretty much guarantee that if I bought a nice pricey piece of furniture it would get broken within 5 minutes of my arriving back home. "Mommy! What's this!?!?!?!" *crunch*!!

I've been trying to browse the vendor list and do some quick price checking but it seems many places are updating there sites and I can't get much info.

Thanks for any input!

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I went for the very first time last year! :banana:

It was amazing, and I had a difficult time keeping my tongue off the floor. I went with one of my dollhouse clients -she purchased several little things for her house and we picked out curtains, and she got to talk to her fav miniaturist and I got to talk to Rik Pierce! That was cool!

I actually walked away not buying a single thing!! I couldn't believe it. THIS year, however, I plan on saving $200 to spend at the show. Sure, I could easily spend more....but I want to purchase maybe 1 or 2 really special pieces.....like maybe some of that amazing miniature cut crystal! :D

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I'm still kicking myself for declining on the chance to be a vendor this year.

I haven't been to the Philly show even as a customer, but based on the list of vendors, I know there will be a wide price range. You could possibly make out like a bandit. When I was at Chicago International last year I saw so many items that I was sure were worth small fortunes, only to discover they were a couple of bucks each. I guess the makers have ways to mass produce stunning pieces. If I only lived a couple of hours away I would be there without a second thought.

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I went to a smaller mini show and spent $70 with immense willpower. I am going back this year with at least $200 so that I can relax and get more stuff.

I think $300 would be luxurious, but $200 should keep me happy.

I got things I just can't get elsewhere (tiny wooden goose decoy with lovely distressing, tiny food) and it was so nice to see things in person, and the vendors are just soooo nice.

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