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Artply Highland - Need Help!

Mad for Mod

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Haha. That's my picture! :D I will be running downstairs here soon for mini work (yea!) and laundry (nowhere near a yea), so I will measure the original kit for you. What measurements do you need exactly?

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I thought this was yours...I hope you don't mind my borrowing the pic. LOL.

Looking at the house from the front, the measurements I need are:

The 1st floor (base)

Right side wall

Left side wall

2nd floor

2nd floor partition

1st floor partition

Left front wall

and Left roof

I'm missing more than that but I think I can figure out the rest.

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Yes, my crazy a** made it bigger. *laughing*


bottom floor: 43"x16"

first floor partition: 9.5"x12"

second floor: 24.5"x16"

sfp: 16"x11"

board that is the porch: 8"x16"

right side wall: 17"x16"

garage side wall: 8"x16"

that side roof: 23"x18" with a cutout for the skylight thingy

left side wall (inside) 17"x16"

left side wall (outside/deck) 12"x11"

top roof: 21"x18"

little roof: 11"x12"

**all my measurements are taken from the open end of the house. :) too big to turn it around and my head cannot do mirror image in my head and translate right. Hope this helps!!!

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43" on bottom is the WHOLE bottom, but not the deck, because mine didn't come with that. So if you look at my picture up there, it is the measurement for the whole part of that house. :)

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