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Transformer (CK-1009 C) buzz????


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I thought I was pretty much done with electrical questions.....

So I hooked up my two coach lights this morning. They are both on a folded tape run that comes from the junction splice and are connected through the wall with eyelets.

I tested after the first. It worked. I tested after the second. It worked....

Now DH is home and I am trying to get the whole "go wifey" response and of course....my transformer is letting out this huge buzzing sound!!! [i am using a Cir-kit CK1009 - C transformer.]

I haven't done anything else since I tested the second light, except glue down the second floor. What could be causing this buzz?? Just when I thought I had mastered it!!

Please help! I was trying to go for the ooohs and ahhs...and I just got the "I know how you feel" remark after I grunted with frustration. :bangin:

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:flowers: You're doing great! Learning along the way. :D

:thankyou: That means a lot to me. Especially hearing that from you since it was your blog the one I found first that started this whole obsession! Which I thank you daily :D Your spice rack tutorial was actually my first build, and "Otterine" is a common household name that need not be explained when I say it (everyone now knows it's you, pretty much my modern mini hero:D) But in all seriousness and love-gushing aside, I can only hope to become as great a miniaturist as you are! (and all the other awesome people I have met since finding Greenleaf!!) :worthy: :inlove:

I'm sure it will take lots more things like this to get me there :)

ahhhh so glad it worked out... I just answered you on your status.... before I saw this post.... hope you got the oohs and ahhs now that you were hoping for :)

The toddler was more excited than DH. To be expected. I love showing her stuff more than DH most of the time because she still "oohs and ahhs" and see's all the same "magic" that I do. :D

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For future reference, if you have any problem with a Cir-kit product just give them a call 1-800-676-4252. They're super nice, extrodinarily patient and will sit with you on the phone and walk you through any problem, especially transformers, tapewire, and connections of all kinds.

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