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Colour scheme help!


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Hi! Not sure if anyone will remember me, I've been absent for more than two years... I started working on the fantasy villa, then i had a baby, and it's first now my daughter is actually that big that she gives me a bit of time here and there working on my house.

I have finished painting the outside of it, in a sort of gothic style. (pictures will follow)

I have placed furniture in the rooms the way I picture it and like it the best. Now my problem is colours. Colours of the actual rooms, but also the furniture.

When you look at the pictures, please don't worry about the simplicity of it! This is my first house, and I'm not doing it very complicated. That's for a later project.

That's also why I'm not doing wallpapers, just painting the rooms. Have plans for printing some rugs and paintings, also some books and other little things that will suit well around the place.

But before I do anything I have to decide on colours, and I'm stuck! I feel it has to work with the outside colours, but I don't want it too dark either.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!




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First of all, welcome home!

What's showing up on my monitor as brown on the house looks VERY dark with the blue, and with the light blue gingerbread it just seems a bit "off" to me; perhaps a brighter color, maybe a dark gold or burnt orange? As for inside, you can go with shades of yellow, orange and blue, especially in lighter tones. I would try a stain first on the furniture, perhaps maple or golden oak or pecan, and a darker oak or walnut for the floors. Then I'd hit thrift stores and boot sales looking for old, wide men's polyester neckties with small, woven designs to upholster the chairs and settees with.

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Love, love, love the idea of looking for using vintage neckties for upholstery. As always, Holly, you are a genius! I also agree with the color suggestions: I think that colors that complement and contrast with your exterior color work best: blue contrasts with yellow and is complemented by orange, if you add red you would have a primary color scheme (red, yellow, blue). The yellow works great because it would be a great bright contrast to the dark blue and really lighten it up. Plus, I have found that keeping the color scheme consistent throughout the house since it is viewed as a whole works best. not that all the rooms need to be the same color, but should work together.

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