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Confusing Tax Bill


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My mom owes the IRS around $6,000 but she had to set up a payment plan and had only been making the minimum monthly payment of $25. Obviously she wasn't getting anywhere but now her latest bill says:

Tax you owed $5856

Payments & credits $4307

Amount due by 6/18/12 $1577

This bill is confusing because they are requesting the full $1577 by 6/18 instead of the usual minimum payment of 25$ and also where did the -$4307 come from?!

Do we question it?

ask for another payment plan?

say nothing and send $25?

weird. any ideas or suggestions?

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Jeff, don't try to guess. Call them and ask for clarification.

Sorry about your Mom's situation. Must be so stressful. Sometimes with interest and penalties at the end of the year the balance is larger. Certainly need clarification on the $4307. Did the IRS set up the plan to have the amount owed to be paid off in 5 years? I think there is a fee for setting up a plan. Hope a good resolution will be in sight.

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It has been my experience that one shouldn't 'mess' with these folks...they will hunt you to the end of the earth and back.

I agree with others here...call and clarify amount owed. Better than sacrificing 'a pound of flesh'..which is exactly what they will take.

Good Luck.

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