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Has anyone ordered from Dentelles et Ribambelles?


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So I finally found some appropriately-French-looking railings, plus the perfect windows...in Dentelles et Ribambelles' web shop. I should have looked there first, since I'm using Lea Frisoni's book and she owns the shop. Argh. Anyway...

My French is extremely limited, but it looks like they only ship within France. Has anyone in the States ever successfully placed an order?

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Hi Anna,

I'm fluent in French. You are right. They only ship in France. But, honestly, almost everything that I saw on that site is available for cheaper from U.S. sites. I don't think much is actually made in France...I think she imports things from the U.S. or U.K. into France. What railing were you interested in? I saw one that I know is available from DHE.


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I found similar railings from Mott's that will work (hooray!), but there's still the pesky matter of the windows.

Yes, there are directions in the book, but I'm so clumsy I'm not sure I can make them look that good on my own. Anyone know where else I can get these or these?

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Here we go aagain <sigh>. When I rehabbed the hot glue-built Laurel I had to make all new doors and windows, so I made the upstairs window on the right, the bedroom window, opening:


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Oh I love those windows you have picked out. They are perfect for a french inspired home.

I've not seen working versions of those in the US but there may be somewhere.

I know you said you didn't want to make your own but if you can't find them and are still stuck - A thought on making them though ...

What if you took a not working double casement window and ever so carefully cut the windows out of them.

Then reattach them similarly to how we make a door open and close with a pin mechanism.

Adding diamond shaped glass or smaller panes can be done with paint or toothpicks or golfers lead as CaseyMini does on hers.

You might also purchase 2 narrow windows and build a casing to go around them from all the beautiful moldings and window toppers available. You could glue them partly open or pin them as we do the doors. There are some tutorials on here somewhere about doing the doors.

Or here are a couple more ideas....

Working casement window – by Houseworks, Ltd. These are short but could give you the frame base and then add a second one on top to make the height. Take off the top header from one and the bottom from another and add them together.

Just brainstorming here.

Use this type and even though these are the kind that move up and down you could replace the innards with some narrow out opening ones.

Just some thoughts. Good luck. I love where you're going with your ideas.

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