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Greetings from Maine

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Hello from Northern Somerset County of Maine,

several years ago I was a collector of miniatures and have always had the desire to build a scaled 1:12 diroma of something related to a ship yard or an old saw mill. Neither materialized but I still have the desire to build a scaled farm house and a log cabin.

Are there any members from the State of Maine? I saw somewhere where there was a map pin pointing where members were across the country but have not been able to find it.

I still have the desire to build a scaled structure but with a slightly variation that i want to go. Now having grandchildren that loved to play with pretend buildings and such I now will be building a play scale farm set to include a house, barn and farm buildings. This in hopes of satisfying both grand-daughters and grand-son.

Looking forward to communication and learning on this web site.

Have a good day and think small with a big heart


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Welcome to the little family, Ed. We have a number of scale builders. I still build houses from kits, but I make furniture and dolls, etc, in 1:12 scale (and lately 1:24, too).

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Hi Edward, and :welcome: to the forum.

These are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable folks on the web.

And Deb is especially perceptive. :D

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Greetings from another scratch-builder. Sounds like the real challenge will be making the minis sturdy enough for kids to play with. Mine are still too young to handle the houses I build.

Of the many ideas I have for a future project, one is an offshore oil rig for my father-in-law. He designed them for Exxon until he retired. A shipyard sounds interesting too.

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