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I have a question on decorating, when is the best time to decorate the interior of your house? I am in the building stagings and want odecorate and put electricity throughout the house.



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With the Garfield I papered as I built. Other houses I made I papered after they were done. It all depends on the access you'll have to the rooms once your done building. I didn't wire mine so I can't help you there.

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Plan out and wire first, but if you want to see how one person wires AFTER wallpaper, but before floors are in place, see the "wiring" tutorial at spminiatures.

If you are doing the "power strip" method, you still should plan first so you can drill holes for the wires where appropriate before you get too far along.

Other than that, my approach is a sort of higgly-piggly -- but I usually start interior decoration from the ceiling down with the floors last. Also I do not wait for the exterior to be finished to do "inside" if I don't want to, although I do think that finishing the interior first is the better way.

This is a world full of choices!


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Unless the build dictates otherwise, I usually prep floors and ceilings first, then start building and decorate floor by floor; but I don't electrify, so can't help you there.

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