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Hi everyone, I need some advice!


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Hi there Greenleaf members, I am new to the community and forums and I seek your advice! I have wanted to build a Greenleaf or Corona Concepts dollhouse for a long time, but I am yet to purchase one. In my price range are the Arthur and the Orchid, and I w!as wondering which would be best for a complete novice? Thank you very much!

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Welcome to the little family, Adriana. Both houses have been built and blogged by the Building Team and there are TWO buiulding blogs for the Orchid. Both builds are pretty straighforward. Whilst perusing the blogs, take a few minutes to do a Search on "getting started" for lists of simple tools and general suggestions such as NOT using hot glue and dry fitting and letting the kit start to speak to you. Also, I was a total newb with absolutely no experience nor internet backup when I built my first kit, and I muddled through a Dura-Craft San Franciscan. If one of the larger kits calls your name, rather than one of the smaller kits, it's OK.

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As Holly said both houses are straightforward making them great beginner houses. I would choose whichever is speaking to you, what one do you keep going for? I have started work on an Arthur recently, it's close to completion but now the idea I had for it will be changed over to a McKinley dollhouse. Don't be afraid to bash it if you want. I was unhappy with the stairs in mine so I changed them to how I wanted. It was really easy to do. Another helpful tool would be the gallery, do searches for both houses for inspiration and it might make the choice easier. Good luck! Hope you'll post pictures when you get started.

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I built the Orchid for my niece. It's a really cute little house. If you want the slightly larger house, I'd go for the Arthur. I like that the Arthur has a little higher roof on the second story. Both are cute and about the same level of difficulty to build and decorate.So it depends on which look you like better.

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      Hi guys, 
      So excited to start my lifelong dream of building a dollhouse. That being said, I'm seriously intimidated and afraid to remove the 1st piece..lol. Looking forward to meeting new folks with lots of patience who don't mind doing some major handholding.
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      I haven't 'been able to work on my dollhouse for the last week or two and getting itchy! But the issue is I've been in an RA flare for the past two weeks and my doc put me on some medication last night in the hopes it will take affect. I was curious to hear how others with RA work with their miniatures. Do you have any tips, advice, or suggestions?
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      Hi, Everyone!  I am new to the Greenleaf Forum.  I live in Fairfield County, CT.  I have loved tiny things since I was a child and from about age 9 into my teens I loved decorating my childhood dollhouse (a four-room tin house with an "addition" of 8 rooms thanks to two liquor store boxes, haha) and making mini things for it.  I really didn't pack the house away until I went to college, but then for about ten years I didn't think much about miniatures.  Then I found a dollhouse kit at Goodwill and put that together and decorated it sort of on a whim.  Ten MORE years went by, and my mom sent me a little quarantine birthday care package that contained a miniature room kit, which I finished putting together a few weeks ago.  I started poking around on Instagram looking at some of the amazing things miniaturists do, and now I am wondering why I haven't been making miniatures and building things this whole time!  I think I didn't realize what a large community of people it is.  It sort of felt like something I enjoyed as a kid and almost didn't realize could be a hobby for me as a "grown-up", too.  So here I am!  I just bought an Aster Cottage kit, and am slowly getting ready to put that together with a Christmas theme, but I'm doing lots of reading and preparing because I want it to look great :-)  
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      Help! I started my first dollhouse and FINALLY got to a finishing point after about a year and a half. There are still a few minor things that need done but it’s finished enough for now (I needed to finish it by Xmas for my daughter). I have made dozens of little 1:24 models in the past and am a little knowledgable in electrical (aircraft electrician over a decade ago) but have since become rusty in the topic. I opted to install 6, small LED lights into the dollhouse, connected by a series of 9v batteries. Since my other smaller models have included similar setups with the LEDs and batteries, I didn’t think this would be an impossible task. I have ordered 9V lights and hardwired them into the house, connecting them in series to 6, 9v battery housing and a switch. It had seemed a bit of overkill to me, since the smaller models often used a single AA battery for often up to 4-5 bright lights. Except, it was very dim (which I don’t mind too much, as it’s more for effect anyway) and lasted maybe 30 minutes before dying. I’m lost now on what to do. I would have to completely cut into the house and moulding to replace the wiring. Thoughts? Did I completely mess this up? Help!! I will try to post pictures of the setup. 
    • By LittleChairs
      Hi, all!
      I have built my own kid-friendly dollhouses in the past out of old wood. I finally decided to graduate to my first kit.
      I recently bought a Hofco Federal Victorian House Kit for $150. It included bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, Christmas decorations, a complete lighting kit, etc. The kit itself is complete and in great shape - which is impressive for its age. 
      When I opened the kit, I was so impressed by its details. The doors, the windows, everything. There was a marble fireplace buried deep in the box. Clearly, this is way too nice for me. I needed something I wouldn’t feel bad messing up! 
      So here we are. I was wondering what advice you would give a first timer who is way in over their head. I plan on building this with my mother and she already insists we throw out the instructions. 
      And lastly, Victorian era decor or modern decor?  
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