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About Bailey (and her house!)


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Hello Greenleaf Community!

My name is Bailey...I'm 19 and currently a college freshman studying Fashion Design! I have always been fascinated by miniatures and just "little things" in general. I also love fashion, culture, art, travel, reading, etc etc! My favorite hobby has got to be arts and crafts...I have taught myself how to do a little bit of everything.

Now let me talk a bit about Le Coquelicot ...my first and only dollhouse. I received the Apple Blossom dollhouse kit for my Sweet 16 (hehe not the typical car...not that my parents would ever just buy me a car anyhow). I had wanted a real dollhouse for awhile...so I was excited! My stepdad was supposed to help me build it...I was nervous about all the big pieces and not wanting to ruin the house. He helped out in the very beginning with the foundation..then he took breaks...and I got restless. So I ended up building the entire house myself (if you want something done right...) :]

The name "Le Coquelicot" means "the poppy" in French! The colors I painted the outside were inspired by the south of France, where there are vast fields of brightly-colored poppies. The walls are a nice medium shade of blue. The accent colors are dark red, mustard yellow, and white. I will post pictures when I am able to. The inside is unfinished as I have not been able to make up my mind about what my house will become. I am leaning towards a B&B. I replaced some of the kit's trims as well as the porch railing and front door...hopefully these details will help keep it from looking too toy-like...as many people believe of the Lilliput line. I plan on adding many more small and lifelike details over time. I also have the 2-story addition (but I have some questions about it before I build it)

Currently, my dollhouse is in my home in Texas...and I am two states away at college. So all I can do is daydream about what it will become. I recently received a copy of "Miniature Collector" magazine from my grandpa...and now I'm brimming with ideas! It seems my love of my house has been reignited! (I had a slump where I disliked my house..but now I feel that I can make it into one of the most unique and detailed Apple Blossoms!

Woo...that was a long intro! I look forward to further interactions with all of you in the Greenleaf Community!

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welcome and cant wait to see the pictures! im dreaming of the colors you used sounds to happy and cheerful my kind of house u will get lots of great tips and answers here and u will one day find out ur giving ur own tips welcome again xoxo :)

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Hi Bailey and welcome to the Greenleaf Forum. It's always so exciting finding another Dollhouse enthusiast.You'll find many people here eager to help in any way and before long you too will be advising others .Welcome!!

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