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Ultimate Functional Mini!

Lynette Smith

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One of my friends' ex-husband had an 18th Century model brass cannon when they were married, approximately 1:12 scale, that he liked to shoot off for company; but, as they lived in a rental house, he was careful not to aim it at anything he could destroy.

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Now wait a minute, folks! Think this through carefully! Thievery, home-invasions, vandalism are all mentioned in the daily newscasts. I think we NEED this little cannon to protect our mini-houses! :gun_nep: Just set a little micro trip-wire so the villain who tries to steal the house gets stopped! :D

"Well, you see, Officer -- this little bitty cannon shot me, and this little 5-inch man was there." "Honestly! No! I haven't been drinking!" :roflmao:

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