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Rosedale kitchen cabinets and appliances from kits


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A few months ago I finished my Fairfield's kitchen with kits from Bonnie Lavish. Now I'm working on the Rosedale. Here are a couple of pics (more on my blog here).

I continue to *love* these kits! This batch included a couple of custom cabinets that Bonnie resized to fit my layout (the lower ones on each side of the sink and upper ones to match). I also built a stove and fridge, which I'm attempting to make look like modern stainless appliances. I don't think the color is entirely successful, but it's no worse than the so-called stainless appliances for sale, IMO...



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They look nice, Emily. I'm kind of bummed that I wasn't able to get a set, but it's probably for the best. I spent way too much on minis this year. I think the color is fine on your appliances, but the texture is off. Maybe a few more coats of paint?

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Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the texture, that's really what makes stainless look like stainless (as opposed to painted wood ;)). Initially I did light sanding in a circular motion to give it a brushed look but the paint scratched very easily. I feel like they do need to be darker, I wonder if some sort of tinted wash would help.

Anyway, for now I'm done futzing with them, but maybe someday I'll revisit them. I built a stove hood earlier out of scraps of wood left over from my Rosedale kits, and now trying to decide what to use for a backsplash...

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Today was a frustrating day. I painted the counter top and I really like how it came out, but I don't like it at all in the room. It's funny how you can have a picture of something in your head, and then when you see it it looks awful. :o

I tried to do it like the dark green granite that's so popular for counters these days, thought it would look good with the dark cabinets, but I think it's too bright for the room. In a real house it would probably be fine but in a dollhouse I like everything nice and color coordinated. (Perfectionist, moi?!) So I think it needs to be more neutral, maybe beige tones like in the wallpaper border.

Anyway, I figured I'd post a few pictures for posterity before the green disappears under a new layer of paint!




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No, it's not too late! I figured before starting over completely, I'd try these suggestions. I watered down a grayish purple color that's complementary to the blue front door (off to the right of this room) and the wallpaper border and added it to the counter top. It's a little tough to tell by comparing photos (the lighting might not be the same in yesterday's photos compared to today's), but I think it toned down the green a bit. I feel like it made a subtle difference, anyway.

I think I'm going to wait for it to dry and then pull the house into a well lit room, put in all the furniture, and stare at it for a while.




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