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My first dollhouse


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post-3683-0-28236600-1324960590_thumb.jpMy first dollhouse was not sold as usual kits are. It came piece by piece along with booklets, in a total of 100 issues and took me 2 and 1/2 years to have all of them. It was published/sold by Edições Del Prado. Some furniture kits came with it too, and some tips on how to make some accessories too. They all sit in a box for 10 years until I decided they've waited long enough and it was time to finally put it all together.

This was 2007 and I knew nothing about miniatures.

I furnished it as if it had been passed along through generations. You know, when you have some old items sharing space with more modern ones.

Now I would have taken a completely different direction, but it was so much fun to make I got completely addicted to miniatures, thanks to this house!!

You can see pictures in my Picasa album.

Now I have a Harrison kit waiting to be built (still gathering courage - and space! - to do it). And also a 4 seasons display to build. 2012, here I come!

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Evelyne, your house is magnificent! You are skilled in so many areas! What patience you must have to have waited for all of the pieces to come to you! I like the mix of old and newer furnishings. It makes the house feel very cozy and lived in. :):clap:

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Evelyne, thank you for posting that house! I have read about Del Prado kits but never have I seen one built, much less the furniture. You did a magnificent job, and I can't wait to see how your Harrison turns out.

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Thank you Kathie, CJ and Holly! biggrin2.gif

I can't wait to start my new projects either. I do feel I've learned a lot since I built that house, so I'm curious to see how this new house (The Harrison) will look like in the end...

Oh, and Kathie. Del Prado also has a half-inch dollhouse collection and another 1:12 dollhouse with all furniture ready made (not kits). One can buy the complete collections from their website here. But I honestly think you guys have better / more varied options there.

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