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Dollhouse Identification


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Can you identify this doll house? I know less than nothing about them, and was recently given this one as a possible start for a collection. It's held together by a total of 6 wooden pegs (you can see the ball ends of some of the pegs in the photos) and 4 wing nuts. It breaks down very easily. It came with a full set of furniture, and a number of rather worn dolls. The dolls are bendy, with wooden hands, heads, and feet. The house itself is approximately 30" w x 20" d x 24" high.

It has no label or marking of any sort on it. I looked for several hours this evening at web pictures of dollhouses, and didn't see anything quite like this one.

Thanks in advance for your help!




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It looks like the all-wooden German dollhouses you used to see in regular upscale towy stores, along with wonderfully chunky furniture and dolls, intended for very young children and especially for nursery schools and daycare centers. Nowadays all I see are the Melissa and Doug versions. Perhaps someone can give you better info.

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