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Awhile back, Midwest Products was giving free replacement blades to the Easy Cutter. I just contacted them last week and they said no more replacement blades, and suggested sharpening the one I have. Can someone tell me how to do that? My blade is really dull and I don't want to have to buy another Easy Cutter. Thank you.

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I'm looking at my Easy Cutter blade and thinking it would sharpen with a regular knife sharpener, like a small whetstone or oilstone, without having to take the cutter apart. It might be possible to use the kind of kitchen knife sharpener in which the blade is drawn between two stones, but the tricky parts would be taking the cutter apart and reassembling it.

I don't think aluminum foil is the answer, as the blade doesn't swish against another blade, as in scissors action, but is more like a guillotine chop.

Does anyone beside me remember the knife sharpener who used to come house to house pushing his cart with a foot-pedal operated whetstone? This would have been in the late 40s, when soldiers returning from WW II were trying to scrape by with any little job they could find. Even though my dad's workshop was well equipped and he was adept at sharpening just about anything, my mother would always find a few knives to be sharpened.

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'Course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a local sharpening shop nearby.

Yes... I wish those people still were working in my area. I live in an area of conspicuous consumption--People just throw things away and buy new! My father also was good at sharpening, or Mother could go to the local hardware store (owned by the original family) and have ALL SORTS of things repaired, if my father (or one of us) could not fix it.

Sometimes, the "good old days" were "good".

Sorry to get on my soapbox!


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