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mini hay bales?


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Anyone know where I can buy a bunch of those 1:12 scale-ish hay bales that are tied with twine or wire?

I dont want to buy them one at a time, I 'd love to buy a lot of 12 or so at once for my Charlotte's Web barn.

Lastly, why do they seem so expensive? $5.99 for one tiny bale of hay? Really?

I dont have an AC Moore or Hobby Lobby near me so i was hoping for some other suggestions. If I knew someone who had a barn I'd just grab some straw and try to make my own but instead I am trying to figure out how to obtain a bunch at once.

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Where are you seeing them for $5.99?

In California there is a unit in the schools where the kids build California Missions, and a lot of stores carry the supplies (which includes hay bales). They're roughly 1:12 scale and you might be able to order online, for example here's a site that has hay bales for $1.60 each.

Also Department 56 has hay bales. Here's an example, though you might be able to find them somewhere else for a better price.

Other options - Miniatures.com and Handley House. I'm not sure if consumers can order directly from Handley House though.

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