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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, and have already had some great laughs........from 6" workers to finish the house to Living in the state of confusion,/ Love it!

I am building the Garfield. Not trying to do anything special. Instead of changing out the windows and doors etc, I decided to leave her as she was designed with original stuff.

It sure isn't going to be perfect...........I threw out that idea real fast lol

I have built two houses which now reside at my grand daughters house. One from a plan book, I forgot the name shucks and the other was the Laurel. The one I built from the plan book, I did use

Houseworks working windows, doors etc ........

I believe I may have an addiction...............to minis but sure wouldnt want to seek help! I love it,.

Nice to meet all of you!

When I have enough posts I will paste a link to my youtube video of my Garfield in progress and also will make a gallery here when I learn how.

I am just planning to have fun with this and get it built., Not worrying about perfection.........that just wouldn't work for me haha I am just going to love her like she is and turns out it will be OK! Not having extra money to buy all the Best stuff for her, she will be fine anyway.


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Hi Cheryl, and welcome to the group!

You've come to the right place if you have a mini addiction; none of us here will try to cure you - we're all enablers! :)

I look forward to seeing pictures of your Garfield.


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Thanks Janet for the Welcome! Enablers! oh goody goody!! I am great at that too! I am looking forward to having lots of fun here and learning alot! It won't let me include your original

post in here...........thinks it is a Link and I don't have enough posts to do that or something lol anyway glad to be here


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WELCOME to the Greenleafmini-family, Cheryl – so glad you joined us! We love to share news, pictures, and ideas on all things miniature! :wave:

As Janet said, we are only enablers here - we will help you remain totally addicted to minis. :yes:

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Hi, Cheryl!

You know, I've never figured out how to include someone else's post in a post either. Oh well.

But I see that you have passed the five post mark - so you can start posting pictures when you get that figured out!yes.gif

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Great to see another new person to the forum (as I am) that is also building the same dollhouse I am (the Garfield). Can wait to see your progress on the house!!! I am going to try to do my best to post pics, once I figure out how to do that!!! As it is I'm still trying to figure out how to load a profile pic! Can't wait to bounce ideas off of everyone. Good luck - hope to see more from you!!!

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Hello Cheryl - welcome! I prefer to think of minis as essential to life, like breathing air - rather than an addiction. :p

Majidrace, hello - I love your name! Why not open your very own Introduction thread, and tell us all a bit about yourself? We'd love to welcome you individually. :)

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If you wish to include more than one post, click "Multiquote" on each member's post that you want to include in your reply - then scroll down and click "Add Reply". A reply box will open, with all the quotes included.

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